DOP et BIO product (click here), directly from our partner in Reggio Calabria (Azienda Agricola Bruna Familiari).

The cultivation of bergamot is mainly localized in Calabria and, in particular, in the province of Reggio Calabria.
Only a small part is grown in Africa (Malì, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Cameroon) and South America (Argentina and Brazil).
Bergamot is a citrus fruit whose extracts are used successfully to treat hypercholesterolemia.

The beneficial properties of bergamot are due to the polyphenols present in citrus and could also be exploited for patients with cardiovascular disease so as to reduce the doses of drugs taken for the heart.

A study recently conducted by the University of Calabria has identified a component, present only in bergamot juice, able to inhibit the production of cholesterol in the blood, which causes formation on the walls of the arteries of plaques and the obstruction of blood vessels (atherosclerosis).

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Recommended use: 3 orange + 1 bergamot juiced, or 3/4 apple juice + 1/4 bergamot juice (indicated against cholesterol).