Organic oranges certified

by Suolo e Salute S.r.l.

The quality of our products reflects concrete efforts:

  • the use of fertilizers is sporadic and they are, in any case, organic substances;
  • for the defense from parasites we use “white oil”, a mineral oil allowed by organic agriculture, moreover with a minimum use;
  • harvest happens when the fruit reaches the right degree of ripening, which is therefore natural (on the tree and without heat treatments);
  • no skin treatment is performed: neither cleaning with detergents, nor chemical treatments to obtain its regular shape, nor waxing to prevent weight loss, nor heat treatments to make the green nuances of the first fruits disappear.

Certificate of conformity “IT-BIO-004 19-21712 0001, 26/09/2022”

Who we are

We produce organic oranges of different qualities.
We preferred a short supply chain, which allows us to reach the consumer more quickly and without intermediation.

Oranges are harvested and packaged a few hours before shipping, to ensure fresh and genuine products for the buyer.

Our production

Only oranges from Sicily

Typical high quality product


Increased amount of nutrients and antioxidants, sugars and vitamin C

From producer to consumer

The short supply chain is synonymous with freshness and convenience

True excellence…

The soil and the climate of Sicily make our citrus fruits unique.
The typicality of our oranges is related both to their appearance and to their taste.

Just taste them to understand that they have an unmistakable taste!

From the tree, directly to your home!

Medium-small oranges (good for juices)

8 kg (1 box): € 35,00  •  16 kg (2 boxex): € 59,00  •  24 kg (3 boxes): € 79,00

Large oranges

Add € 5,00 for each box.

All prices include packaging and  DHL postage inside the European Union.


Destination address

The phone number is used by the local branch of the
express courier, in case of delivery difficulties.